Proven Technology

Concentrated Solor Thermal Energy technology exists since 1912 and is perfected today.


Performance warranty

5 Years Azteq warranty against malfunction, expected lifetime 25 years!


Industrial Applications

Real industrial solutions by our experienced project team.




Sustainable Energy

100% green energy solution, 1000 hours per year in Belgium.


Concentrated Solar
Thermal Energy

Our robust parabolic mirrors concentrate sunlight on a vacuum collector tube. This collector tube is positioned in the mathematical focus line of the parabolic mirrors.
A substance with good thermal conductivity, like oil, water or salt is pumped through this collector tube and is heated up to 400 ° C.
Steam can be made directly or via a heat exchanger at high pressure and temperature. This heat can also be stored in isolated containers for use at night.

Efficient and affordable use of solar energy,
also at night? We have been perfecting that process for years.

Source of green

We produce three times less CO2 per installed square meter than a solar panel project!

Eco friendly

Our bird-friendly installations
go perfectly into the landscape,
and go well with some forms
of animal husbandry or agriculture.

Climate Friendly

90 Percent of the global climate efforts
goes to electricity, while two thirds of
the human CO2 emissions
are related
to our heat consumption.

Subsidized by the
Flemish government

"The Flemish government has the responsability
to promote renewable energy. We also want to
give new promising technologies
all chances. This project proves that
there is still a lot of potential."

- Bart Tommelein
(Flemish Minister for Energy)

Non polluting
Clean Energy

AZTEQ wishes to position itself as the preferred provider of total solutions for Industrial Thermal Solar Water Heaters in the European market and aims to deliver sustainable and non-polluting "Green Heat" in a commercially viable win-win offer. By using proven technologies based on linearly concentrated sunlight, renewable thermal energy is supplied for medium to high temperature applications (100 ° C - 400 ° C) in industrial processes and/or for large heat consumers (including district heating networks). AZTEQ seeks to achieve this business goal in a socially sustainable manner, by directly or indirectly giving work to people with varied talents and skills, both locally and internationally, and by developing a local knowledge cluster.


Safe 20 to 50% on your energy bill!


Simple & efficient storage for delayed use.
Roof mounting solutions available.
Experienced engineering team to work on real solutions.
Maintenance team to keep your solar boiler
in top condition over the years.
Prefer to buy steam at your specs and interesting conditions? Our team is waiting for your call.

The investment in
solar thermal energy
pays for itself!

One thing is for sure:
Rising energy prices and more stringent environmental regulations are priority issues.
Strengthen your company by harnessing the power of the sun.

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How a brewery is saving energy costs with the sun:

A brewery in Southern Europe manufactures on average 1,400,000 hectolitre of beer every year. Due to the constantly fluctuating and rising price of gas, the issue of energy costs is a priority for the company.


How energy is supplied

The annual energy requirement of around 40 GWh thermal is provided by using 2 steam boilers with a total capacity of 14 t/h.
The boilers are fired using gas and supply saturated steam at 170°C (8bar). With 8,000 operating hours per year, gas consumption amounts to approximately 4,526,454 m³. The cost for the annual gas requirement amounts to € 2,489,450 which equates to almost 15% of the brewery's total costs. During the time period 2012 to 2013 the expenditures for gas increased around 20%


The requirements of the company

Due to the continued increase in energy costs despite of a number of energy efficiency measures, the brewery wants to adapt its energy supply in the long term. As direct solar radiation at the brewery's location is very high, solar energy is at the top of the list. The brewery is aiming to achieve a share of up to 50%.


A simple solar steam solution lowers the costs substantially

In order to be able to supply full steam output at any given time, the solar proportion should amount up to 50% of the boiler capacity. In order to provide the required solar steam output of around 6 t/h, 18 CSP collectors will be used.


Simple integration

The solar facility with its 18 collectors will be established on an open area next to the brewery. This requires 36,500 m² of space.
The solar facility is integrated into the existing main steam distribution in parallel to the steam boiler.

Nice to meet you


Decades ago, two Belgian brothers had great plans in solar energy. Their quest to produce heat in a non polluting way led them to China.
After a detour via Israel, they return to their home country along with their acquired knowledge.

"Today we offer 100% integrable industrial total solutions, a serious reduction on CO² emissions and between 20 and 50% reduction on your energy bill, depending on your heat demand."

AZTEQ was build on the years of experience of the Antwerp VEN family in the production of components for solar thermal installations. Co-founder Kari Ven was founder and CEO of Solel Solar Systems at the beginning of the nineties, the main supplier of parts for the large solar thermal energy installations in the USA.

Koen Vermout
Co-founder & CEO
Koen Vermout co-founded AZTEQ and serves as its CEO after a career at Alcatel and Nexans where he held several operational and general management positions in Europe, Asia and Africa. He brings expertise in business expansion and operational excellence in fast developing environments, and in leading high-performance teams in various countries. In AZTEQ Koen manages the daily operations and administration. Koen received his MSc in Electronics Engineering from Brussels University and holds an MBA from UHasselt (LUC).

Kari Ven
Co-founder & CCO
Prior to co-founding AZTEQ, Kari Ven already co-founded and lead Solel Solar Systems in the nineties, and continued his deep involvement in the concentrated solar energy sector as shareholder and Commercial Director of HuiYin Group. He brings decades of experience in concentrated solar technology as well as international management skills following several commercial functions in multinational companies. In AZTEQ, Kari leads the commercial team and manages the product innovation and technology development activities. Kari received his Msc in Philosophy at Universsity of Antwerp.


AZTEQ will set up pilot installations with solar mirrors in Ostend, Genk and Antwerp. They do not produce electricity like other solar panels, but green heat that can be used by large companies.
In Flanders there is no experience with this technology yet. Until now it was assumed that the technology is only profitable in very hot countries or desert-like regions. Due to new technological developments, that now seems to be changing. Pilot projects have been started up in the north of Denmark in recent years. That is why 'Bond Beter Leefmilieu' and Greenpeace wrote a position paper, with the request to also start a pilot project in Flanders and to investigate what the energetic and economic potential is for Flanders.


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