Concentration of sun radiation is a perfect sustainable alternative for the production of thermal energy up to 400 °C used for industrial processes. It also offers an environmental friendly source for cities in need of ecological district heating solutions.

High quality industrial heat up to 400°C

Azteq is specialized in the development, installation, operation, maintenance and financing of complex thermal energy platforms based on solar energy.

Energy efficient, also in Europe

By using highly efficient parabolic reflectors with patented collector tubes we remain cost-efficient even in the European industrialized regions with a lower amount of direct sunlight.


Azteq’s attractive business proposal unburdens the customer and avoids capital expenditures. The customer only pays for the delivered tailor made industrial heat.

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Are 200 hectares of solar mirrors in the port a miracle solution?

De Standaard did an interview with Koen Vermout (CEO at Azteq) about Project ADPO and the future project using our CST solution. Read all about it here.
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Revolutionize your business with thermal energy

Sustainable and environmentally-friendly systems are more important than ever. Concentrated thermal solar systems (CST) offer a long-term energy solution for industries and companies which require high temperatures for industrial processes.…

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Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) energy: interesting for your business?

Solar energy has become almost synonymous with electricity since the advent of PV panels. So much so, one would look past the sun's great power: its radiation. Many enterprises operate industrial processes based on heat. Now it's time to rediscover heat by harvesting the sun's radiation to produce thermal power. Azteq has in house expertise to built innovative industrial heat platforms using the ancient technology of parabolic reflectors in an affordable and efficient way for western European industries and cities.

With Azteq's thermal energy platforms you can substantially reduce your company's ecological footprint while you sustain high quality warmth day and night. Our expertise will help your company reach ecological and sustainable goals.

What companies say about us

Thanks to this installation, we reduced our CO2 emissions by 10%.

Filip De DijckerManaging Director, ADPO

I'm proud that these promising technologies are being first tested in the port of Antwerp.

Jacques VandermeirenCEO, Port of Antwerp
Leeuw Vlaanderen

With support of the Flemish Government

Azteq is a solution of the Solar Impulse Foundation