About Azteq

Our Mission

With Azteq we aspire to a European revolution in green heat technologies on an industrial scale. The solar thermal systems we develop are not only financially interesting, they are also harmless to people, animals, the environment and the climate. They do not make any noise, cause no odor or nuisance and are compatible with many agricultural activities. In addition, they contribute to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. The fact that organisations such as Greenpeace and Bond Beter Leefmilieu support us reinforces our ambition to effectively make a difference with our green heat technology.

Harvest sustainable heat that is financially feasible with Azteq's parabolic mirrors.

Our team

Koen Vermout

Co-Founder & CEO

Koen Vermout is co-founder and CEO of AZTEQ after a career at Alcatel and Nexans where he held various operational and general management positions in Europe, Asia and Africa. He brings expertise in operational excellence and in developing activities in fast growing environments, and has experience in building high-performing teams in different countries. Koen is in charge of the daily management and the administrative follow-up for Azteq. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering in Electronics from the Free University of Brussels and an MBA from UHasselt. (LUC)

Kari Ven

Kari Ven

Co-Founder & CCO

Before founding AZTEQ, Kari Ven was already a co-founder of Solel Solar Systems in the 1990s, and remained closely involved in the concentrated solar energy sector as shareholder and Commercial Director of HuiYin Group. He has decades of experience in concentrated solar energy technology as well as in leading sales teams as a result of various commercial positions at multinationals. In AZTEQ, Kari leads the commercial team and directs the product innovation and technological development activities. Kari holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Antwerp.

Peter Vandeurzen

Co-Founder & BusDev Director

Peter Vandeurzen is an engineer by training and is co-founder and business development director of Azteq. After a career of more than 25 years as a business developer for international data communication companies, he has extensive experience in developing new markets based on innovative applications. His passion for sustainable energy concepts originated from his business development activities at the Thor energy park in Genk.

Brendon Grunewald

Investor Relations Advisor

Brendon Grunewald is the financial advisor of Azteq and has expertise in entrepreneurship, venture capital, business strategy and finance. He has also had several management functions at international operating companies ever since he held a degree in Private Equity & Venture Capital from the Harvard Business School and an MBA at the Open University Milton Keynes. Brendon is always looking to expand his expertise and apply it to various markets and businesses. Currently, he also holds the CEO position in the cloud based marketing company Moovly.

Jan Braeckmans

General Counsel

Jan Braeckmans is Azteq’s general counsel. He has extensive experience in the legal profession and in various executive positions within the political, cultural and energy sectors. His extensive experience in these sectors combined with a Master in Business Law from the University of Antwerp and a completed executive program in leadership and negotiation at Harvard Law School fit well with Azteq’s broad and flexible objectives. Since 2012, Jan Braeckmans has also specialized in corporate and insolvency law.

Joachim Krüger

Managing Director Solarlite, an Azteq subsidiary company since 2020

Founder and managing director of Solarlite, an Azteq subsidiary company since 2020, Joachim Krüger is part of the Azteq management team. He possesses a large network of connections within the German industrial, scientific, political sectors and is chairman of DCSP (Deutsche CSP). Next to a long term experience in concentrated solar and an established network in Germany and abroad, Joachim Krüger has a Ph.D. in Renewable Energy and an M.Sc. in Environmental Science at the Humboldt University in Berlin.