Thermal solar energy for industries

The sustainable solution for industries in need of high temperature thermal energy and reducing the ecological footprint at the same time

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Industries in need of thermal energy

Industries can call on Azteq’s expertise when there is a need for high quality heat up to 400°C within the production process and you want to reduce the enormous CO2 emissions industries in an economically responsible manner.

Industries with available land space, roofs or other facilities such as car parks

The parabolic reflector installations on Azteq are normally installed on available land space, but can also be placed on reinforced roofs or tripods (e.g. above a parking lot) when available space is a problem. Although the ideal surface area depends on your energy needs, you can assume that a hectare of mirrors is capable of generating 5 megawatts of high quality heat.

Industries that pursue sustainability in an economically responsible way

Ambitions in green heat energy remain theoretical unless financially viable. Azteq’s business proposition gives industries access to competitive prices against traditional gas. Our business model unburdens the customer from his capex investments via a special purpose vehicle setup. The customer only pays for the consumed thermal energy of a ‘heat-as-a-service’ contract.

Profitable, also in Northern Europe.

Until recently, the use of parabolic reflector systems to generate sustainable heat was only profitable in areas with very high DNI (direct normal irradiation or direct incoming sunlight) like warm countries and desert-like areas. However, thanks to technological innovations, it is now also possible in Northern Europe. The heat produced by the new generation parabolic reflector systems are competitive with gas prices upward of 1000 hours of sunshine per year. To make use of this, you will of course need a certain surface area to place these reflectors on. Exactly how large that surface area has to be depends on your heat consumption. Please contact us to request a calculation without obligation!

Solar Irradiance

Companies that deployed Azteq's solution


ADPO, Antwerp

High quality heat above a railway

ADPO is a chemical logistics company based in the port of Antwerp and focuses on transshipment of chemical products. ADPO uses gas-fired steam at temperatures above 140 °C to keep the viscosity of the chemical products optimal. In addition, steam is used to clean transshipment tanks. The production of steam is accompanied by very high CO2 emissions. By deploying the Azteq CST platform, those emissions have decreased by more than 10%.

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Salty air and sunbeams

Proviron develops, produces and sells specialized chemicals. They use gas-fired industrial heat in the form of steam for their industrial processes. In order to reduce the associated CO2 emissions Proviron deployed the Azteq CST platform to reduce the use of gas by 10%.

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