Project Thermal Equalizer for Industrial Heat grids

Development of the future

Azteq’s team has always been looking for ways to enhance the performance and efficiency of our CST platforms in order to keep challenging ourselves and the world that sustainable industrial heat is the playing a major factor in the future of CO2-reduction. In order for our CST platforms to become even more sustainable, we have started project: ”Thermal Equalizer for industrial heat grids”. This is a European subsidized project that we develop together with our Dutch partner Meeberg ISO Tanks & Containers.


Meeberg is specialized in the development of tailor-made ISO tanks which are capable of holding various liquids ranging from hydrogen peroxide to solvents and oils. They have the largest available stock of used ISO tank containers in Europe which provide a plethora of high quality services to different companies all over the world. With Meeberg’s extensive knowledge and experience of the design of these ISO tanks and their modifications, they are more than suitable to bring this European subsidized project around.


Modular storing of heat

By combining our expertise and experience, we aim to create a modular heat storage tank that will balance out a constant output of industrial heat suitable for tailor-made needs of industrial processes. This will boost the efficiency of CO2-reduction provided by Azteq’s CST platforms by making the entire platform smarter and make sustainable heat storage possible across industrial heat grids.

This project is supported and financed by Interreg.