Concentrated Solar Power is a technology that converts sunlight directly into heat. The process reaches temperatures of up to 400 °C. The heat can be used for industrial applications. Intriguing, because there is currently no truly renewable alternative for industrial heat at high temperatures in Flanders; everything is done with gas, fuel oil, coal or biomass.


Solar Heat

The CST platform is based on parabolic mirrors with a central vacuum tube. The thermal efficiency is high: at least two thirds of the solar energy is converted into useful usable heat. This heat is used for industrial processes up to 400 °C. The technology provides a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels such as gas and fuel oil.


Position paper Greenpeace and BBL

The Flemish industry does not yet have any experience with this technology. Until now, it was assumed that the technology is only profitable in sun-drenched areas such as deserts. Due to a combination of volume effects and technological innovations, this technology is now also applicable in industrialized areas such as Western Europe. In recent years, for example, pilot projects have been started up in the north of Denmark. That is why Bond Beter Leefmilieu and Greenpeace wrote a position paper, with the request to start up a pilot project in Flanders as well and to investigate the energy and economic potential for Flanders. BBL paper here.