Industries and Cities can start to convert their environmental unfriendly heat sources into  sustainable zero emission alternatives.

March 01, 2021 11:01 ET | Source: Azteq bv

GENK, March 1, 2021 — Azteq bv, a sustainable thermal renewable energy supplier is proud to announce that it has closed a capital raised of 1 Million euros from The Port of Antwerp and Darel, a Dutch company specialized in energy transition. 

Upon closing, Koen Vermout, Azteq CEO stated “Azteq has demonstrated the viability of CST technology for western European industrial applications via the projects it has installed and are running in Belgium, this capital provides us with the necessary resources to expand our offering, bringing clean thermal energy to industrial players across Western Europe.”

Azteq provides fully-integrated, high-quality CST (Concentrated Solar Thermal) solutions for industry and city heating applications, all of whom are looking for  green, zero emission providers. Azteq uses parabolic trough platforms to concentrate solar radiation onto a receiver tube in the focal line of the mirrors thereby heating up thermal oil up to 400°C. Depending on the target application, this thermal oil can then be converted via an exchange unit into high quality thermal energy in the form of steam, pressurised water, hot air and other forms. By introducing this renewable energy process, carbon footprint levels are reduced based on an efficient, environmentally-friendly, long-term solution that helps industries and cities to reach their renewable energy goals. For this solution, Azteq has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.

The injection of capital by the Port of Antwerp shows that large important economical clusters such as the Antwerp harbour are convinced that these industrial applications are an essential part of the overall sustainable energy transition. 

“When this technology is scaled-up to all large scale industrial clusters, the impact on CO2 reduction is significant”, said Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO Port of Antwerp.
Mr. Guy Janssens, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer will represent PoA in the board of Azteq.

With the participation of Darel, Azteq shows its commitment to extend its CST platform footprint on an international scale. Beside the capital injection, Darel brings a tremendous amount of sustainable energy transition knowhow to Azteq as well as the professional representation for CST technology  in the Dutch market.

“Azteq’s CST technology is a great asset and contribution to Darel’s energy transition solutions portfolio” said Marc Peters, representative of Darel and partners.

For more information on Azteq, visit www.azteq.be or email info@azteq.be.