AZTEQ, a Belgian-based company specialized in the engineering and construction of industrial solar thermal plants, has been given a contract with ENGIE España for building a large-scale installation in Seville, Spain. This deal opens the door wider for large sustainability projects across Europe.

The new solar thermal plant will be installed and commissioned within own land of Heineken España’s brewery. Financing is done by ENGIE España whom will own, operate & maintain the solar plant.

AZTEQ has been chosen as main EPC contractor by ENGIE España and will engineer and construct the solar plant based on factual heat requirements of the local brewery of Heineken in Seville.

In return, Heineken España will use all the renewable solar heat produced by AZTEQ’s installation to replace fossil fueled heat for a period of 20 years by means of a long term PPA agreement with partner ENGIE España in Spain.

Yanick Vandebeek, Azteq’s Sales representative for Spain & Portugal says: “Our solution exceeds 40.000m² of parabolic trough concentrating sun produced heat. Vacuum collector tubes are used to absorb all that concentrated heat and transfer it from solar field into brewery, where eventually the heat can be consumed.

High pressurized water is chosen as a heat transfer medium and a heat exchanger ensures Heineken to be supplied consistently with temperatures around 160°C required for their industrial processes.”

“AZTEQ’s proven and reliable solution provided to Heineken is one of its kind and up to now not been rolled out on such large scale into the food industry for temperatures above 100°C. Thanks to AZTEQ’s solution, Heineken España will be able to reduce their yearly natural gas consumption with 60% as well as their carbon footprint by saving approximately 7000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. Therefore, we are thrilled to have the privilege to collaborate with ENGIE España on Heineken’s main target to move towards zero net emissions by 2025. Together with our partners we are striving for a more sustainable and climate-neutral future so our customers can become more independent and resilient against fluctuating gas prices in a fast-changing world.”, said Koen Vermout, CEO of Azteq.



Azteq is a Belgian company dedicated to the engineering and construction of solar thermal plants producing up to 400 degrees C for industrial processes (steam, thermal oil, hot water,..). Highly efficient parabolic through and vacuum collector tubes are used for an optimal absorption of the concentrated solar heat. AZTEQ offers EPC contracts (Engineering, Procurement & Contracting) as well as heat as a service by exploitation contracts over a period of 20 to 30 years.


ENGIE has been active in Belgium for over 100 years. Resolutely committed to the transition to a low-carbon future, the company offers its residential, professional, industrial and public customers innovative solutions for a more economical and rational use of energy and greater comfort. As the country’s largest green electricity producer, ENGIE produces electricity close to its customers, thanks to a diversified generation park with low CO2 emissions. ENGIE employs 17 000 experts in Belgium in the field of energy and energy services.


Heineken N.V. is a Dutch multinational brewing company, founded in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in Amsterdam. As of 2019, Heineken owns over 165 breweries in more than 70 countries. It produces 348 international, regional, local and speciality beers and ciders and employs approximately 85,000 people.

Contact: info@azteq.be