We grew up reading and studying about environmental sustainability, but have never taken a step towards making it true. Taking care of the planet is essential in order for ourselves and our future generations to live on a healthy planet. 

To accomplish this goal, we need to create environmentally friendly homes, build eco-friendly communities, and source sustainable food, renewable energy such as solar thermal energy, and biodegradable furniture and clothing. 

One of the most effective solutions to achieve an environmentally conscious society is to support and invest in sustainable projects. 

Here are a few reasons why these are important for a healthy living environment;

The Effect Is Global

While many communities know that environmental damage can have an immense impact on people and the animals residing in that specific area; however, it was recently found that the impact is global and not just limited to a specific area. 

For example, waste and compost in the rivers and oceans travels around the globe through currents. The industrial waste has led to algal growth in rivers across the globe including those of Europe, US and China causing great environmental damage.

 Moreover, air pollution episodes in the UK are worsened due to the air masses from all over Europe. Pollution and environmental damage does not recognize national boundaries so in order to take care of everyone around the world, the best solution is to reduce carbon footprint in your surroundings. 

Health of The Future Generation

This world is not only ours but also a home to the new generations to come. Looking after the environment and reducing the damage caused is our responsibility. 

To ensure a healthy and green planet, we need to look for sustainable options to use energy, water and food sustainably. 

There are many sustainable projects in execution such as Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) by HEINEKEN Spain and ENGIE Spain. 

Health of The Generation Now

Starting and supporting sustainable projects that do not deplete the resources of the environment and cause damage to the environment. Reducing fuel consumption lowers the amount of greenhouse gases released, especially CO2 and nitrogen dioxide. 

These gases are the main source of climate change such as rise in sea levels, weather changes and a negative impact on plants. Not only does it affect the climate, it also has adverse effects on human health. Long-term exposure to these gases impairs the respiratory system. 

Around 90% of people in Europe are exposed to high quantities of these harmful gases on a daily basis. These harmful particles in the air impact the health of Europeans and have been found to reduce life expectancy in the EU by more than 8 months.

The Solution

In order to reduce these harmful effects, implementing energy-efficient measures is crucial. This is where AZTEQ comes in. HEINEKEN Spain and ENGIE Spain are working together with Azteq in Seville to start a new 100% renewable solar thermal energy generation plant based on Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) . 

This construction of a renewable power plant will result in a more than 60% reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and lowers the carbon footprint of HEINEKEN Spain by almost 7,000 tons of CO2 per year. For more information about this project, click here.