Prices only ever go one way – up and up. Gas and energy are no exception to this. Recent months have seen Europe hit record-breaking surges in gas and energy pricing that can threaten economic recovery in the aftermath of the pandemic. It’s not just businesses at risk. The rising gas price puts a strain on household spending and could slow down emission reduction as countries aim to transition to greener alternatives.

Gas and energy prices are shocking consumers across Europe as it threatens to raise inflation and stall the post-pandemic economic recovery. With businesses just getting back on their feet, it’s posing a serious threat to their operations .Thanks to innovative heating alternatives from Azteq, businesses don’t have to accept the uncertainty of Europe’s rising gas and energy prices.

Why gas and energy prices are rising in Europe

What Europe is currently experiencing is a perfect storm of geopolitical factors that have forced gas and energy prices to eye-watering heights. Prices sky-rocketed over 450% in less than a year for natural gas, sending electricity prices rising as a result.

Europe’s switch to renewable alternatives hasn’t happened quickly enough to prevent the economic fallout of these rising gas and energy prices. Countries like France, Italy, and Spain are now facing their highest ever energy bills as ministers struggle to come up with emergency measures to mitigate these rising prices.

The impact of rising gas prices on businesses

Companies across Europe have said that ever-rising energy bills feel like a “fresh blow” to their businesses that are already struggling in the face of the pandemic. Everything from overhead costs to staffing levels and pricing is impacted by the rise in gas prices in Europe. The colder winter and low supplies from countries like Russia mean that gas and energy prices are likely to continue to rise in the coming weeks.

With businesses being unable to raise their prices and pass on the increase to their customers, many are struggling to absorb the additional cost of their utility bills. High emission companies are faring the worse from the rising prices that continue to jump as demand grows through the harsh winter. 

Economists have been warning since September that rising gas prices could push up inflation for businesses across Europe. With companies attempting to get back on their feet after the pandemic, they’re struggling to absorb the costs while pivoting their businesses through the uncertainty of changing covid regulations across Europe. 

The solution to rising gas and oil prices

Businesses don’t have to grapple with the ever-rising gas and energy prices across Europe. Azteq offers a more affordable heating solution that is better for your finances and our planet. By offering heat-as-a-service, Azteq can help you lower your CO2 emission by only using what you need.  

With gas prices continuing to rise in Europe, Azteq’s heat-as-a-service proposal represents a more affordable alternative for businesses as varied as breweries and steel producers. You can find out more about how Azteq can help lower your emissions, utilities consumption or heat cost by exploring our website here.