Making use of environmentally-friendly solutions for industrial processes and for district heating in cities has never been so important. According to the European Commission Community Research, solar thermal systems are beneficial for a multitude of process applications from the food and beverage sector, to textile and chemical sectors, and even district heating in cities. The European Commission Green Paper Towards a European Strategy For the Security of Energy Supply estimated that 50% of European industrial processes requires temperatures to reach the regions of 250°C. Some industrial processes need even higher temperatures, which consequently generate high levels of CO2 emissions when traditional fossil fuels are used as an energy source. This is where Azteq comes in. Azteq offers concentrated solar thermal systems for industries in need of high temperatures reaching up to 400°C – with zero CO2 emissions.

How does Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) work 

CST generates thermal energy from the sun and due to a large volume of parabolic reflectors, a wide spectrum of sun rays is captured and generates thermal energy. In fact, such a system is four times more efficient than the more common solar panel system which generates electrical energy. The efficiency with which energy is generated from CST systems allows them to be an ideal heat energy source for high-temperatures which are needed in industrial processes. The systems can also be used in countries where sunlight is less abundant without the ramifications of energy loss. In fact, these emission-free energy solutions have proven to be successful in countries such as Denmark.

Benefits of Concentrated Solar Thermal 

CST is an emission-free sustainable energy solution for industrial processes and city districts. By introducing a renewal energy process as part of industrial processes, you reduce carbon footprint levels in the environment and benefit from an efficient, environmentally-friendly, long-term solution for your energy requirements. Such CST systems require little maintenance and generally have a lifetime capacity of 30 years – sometimes even longer. 

Azteq’s CST Solutions

Azteq provides a fully-integrated, high-quality CST solution for industrial processes requiring high temperatures, and for cities looking for a green solution with zero emissions for district heating. As part of its service, Azteq manages the process of several supply contracts with component producers such as Huiyin Group (China) for the heat collector element. Each CST system comes with a software management platform using sensor-based data to manage and control the platform. By harvesting the sun’s thermal power based on concentrated solar thermal technology, Azteq’s expertise helps companies reach their corporate responsibilities, goals and ambitions.

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