Sustainable and environmentally-friendly systems are more important than ever. Concentrated thermal solar systems (CST) offer a long-term energy solution for industries and companies which require high temperatures for industrial processes. Such solutions have a minimal impact on the environment which is a necessity for major cities and industrial factories. Below we highlight several benefits of investing in CST eco-friendly energy systems.

Reduce financial burdens due to fluctuating gas prices

The fluctuating oil and gas prices can make planning company budgets challenging and can cause unexpected changes. By implementing a concentrated thermal solar energy system, your business is better protected from fluctuating oil and gas prices. Concentrated thermal energy systems also enjoy low maintenance costs and a long-term guarantee of 30 plus years. 

Concentrated thermal solar energy is efficiently generated

Azteq’s highly efficient parabolic mirror technology ensures that its systems capture sunbeams which generate energy in the form of high-quality heat which can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius. The parabolic mirrors’ geometry makes the process effective and efficient. Furthermore, the mirrors are covered in a special coating and are programmed to follow the sun to ensure that they are at the most effective angle, at all times during the day. 

Benefit from concentrated thermal solar energy 24/7

Azteq installs buffer vessels that store heat and enable a delayed use. The buffer vessels serve as a type of battery which is especially helpful for industries that require heat throughout the day. With Azteq’s buffer vessels, industries can use heat which was collected during the day and the heat can be stored up to five times more efficiently than electricity. Azteq’s energy systems makes use of solar mirrors alongside an alternative heat source. The system can also be used with an existing gas installation or another sustainable alternative. Regardless of which option is implemented, your business will have the required thermal power for your industry. 

Thermal solar energy has minimal impact on the environment 

Azteq’s concentrated thermal solar technology uses various strategies and technologies to ensure that their systems have an almost non-existent environmental impact. The system’s collector tube can reach scalding temperatures, but Azteq’s vacuum technology ensures that it remains cool enough to touch. This ensures that no heat is transferred to the surrounding area and the system remains animal-friendly. This ensures that no birds or other small creatures who come into contact with the system sustain heat-injuries. Azteq’s CST systems are odourless and noiseless – minimizing the impact on the environment. Post-installation there are zero CO2 emissions as there are no combustion reactions used in the process. This differentiates Azteq’s systems from other similar system as many still use combustion reactions. 

Industries can benefit from concentrated solar thermal technology (CST)

Azteq’s ground-breaking concentrated thermal solar technology has multiple industrial uses. The food and beverage industry requires high temperatures for drying, washing, and pasteurizing processes. Industries such as breweries, dairies, and cheese and meat processing plants can also make use of thermal solar energy effectively. The textile sector typically uses CST for washing and bleaching processes. Chemical producing companies, as well as chemical logistics companies, need high temperatures to retain the viscosity of chemical products. They also need high temperatures to properly clean transshipment tanks. Using thermal solar energy, even with a combination of a gas-powered system, can greatly reduce the CO2 emissions. 

Installation Requirements

Azteq installs the parabolic mirrors on available land space, however if space is limited there are other options. Mirrors can be installed on reinforced roofs or tripods. An empty roof or the top of a parking lot can also be utilized. The ideal surface area depends on your specific requirements and available space. 

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